Sunscreen And Morning Routine That Shapes Your Day

Worried about uneven skin tone, wrinkles or deteriorating skin texture? Fortunately, a broad-spectrum sunscreen is just right to fit into your morning routine as it forms an impermeable shield around your skin to protect and hydrate your skin, effectively yet gently. Lukewarm® Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA++++ provides an impressive protection against UVA, UVB, HEVL, Blue Light and IRA rays helping to prevent sun damage and keep your skin happy and healthy.


SPF or Sun Protection Factor represents the ability of the sunscreen to protect against a broad spectrum of UV rays [UVA & UVB]. 

  • UVA – The ozone layer does not absorb UVA rays.
  • UVB – Some UVB layer reaches the surface of the earth.
  • UVC – The ozone layer completely absorbs UVC rays and reaches the environment easily.

UVA and UVB rays impact the skin’s health, so it is essential to stay in shade during peak sunny hours.

How to choose SPF?                                                       

Overexposure to UV rays without a shield causes irritation, sunburns, and discoloration (tanning) with long-term impact of depleting skin’s natural collagen reserve and causing premature aging. There are different SPF ratings available ranging from 15 to 50 and 50+, which is preferred for Indian skin. The higher the factor, the more UVB rays it blocks.

Start your day with sunscreen SPF 50+

Practice applying sunblock every day on face, adding more for the neck and décolletage, even when you’re staying indoors. Apply as the final step in your skincare routine, right after.

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Every skin type is different, but the exposure to these rays impacts all skins adversely. Although, the naturally occurring melanin in the body does play a part in protection (efficacy of melanin as a sunscreen is assumed to be of SPF 1.5-2.0), but that doesn’t rule out the need of using a higher supplemental SPF. Additionally, prolonged exposure to sun rays causes sunburns, the more times you get sunburnt the higher is the risk of melanoma skin cancer. Hence it is only wise to protect your skin by using a combination of shade, clothing, and sunscreen.

Broad-spectrum Lukewarm® Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA++++

Suitable for all skin types with no ashy cast and colour-corrective technology, this brilliant blend is enriched with natural and mineral ingredients that endow skin with a natural glow while providing an all-round protection.

This sunscreen calls upon the benefits of Tinosorb® M, a new-age technology which is hybrid of physical and chemical agents that provides the broadest-possible UV protection based on micro-fine organic particle technology in its true photostable form. The Carrot & Raspberry seed extracts supplement the skin with Beta-carotene that protects you against sunburn by increasing the basal defence against UV light damage to skin.


Pro-tip – Go for an ‘all weather’ sunscreen that supports your skin’s evolving texture all year round and never skip sunscreen regardless of the climate – Rainy, Cloudy, or Sunshine!

Remember, clouds can filter not more than 25% of UV rays, you may feel cool on cloudy or rainy days, but your skin absorbs most UV rays.

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