Why should you only trust authorized Volkswagen workshops?

In 2018, there were 210,023,289 vehicles registered in India. That’s even more than Pakistan’s population. We can’t even imagine how big gasoline and spare parts consumption in that country should be. With so many operational cars, surely there must be millions of workshops distributed throughout the Indian Territory.

authorized Volkswagen workshop

Unfortunately, quality of service isn’t something that distinguishes all automotive workshops. If you leave your vehicle in inexpert hands, surely it will get out of the workshop in much worse conditions. It’s also common to find dishonest mechanics who replace new parts of your car with defective ones. These days you can’t trust everyone, much less in mechanics of dubious reputation.

Usually, the best way to avoid unwanted surprises is to take the vehicle to an authorized workshop. Before buying any vehicle, you should think about its maintenance. Buying a car just because it’s beautiful is the worse decision you can take. You should consider aspects such as availability and cost of spare parts in the market and the cost of labor. If you want to take advantage of all the benefits, you better buy a new car directly from an authorized showroom.

authorized workshop

Volkswagen is one of the most popular brands in India. In fact, in that country is located one of the most important assembling companies of the brand, with an approximate annual production of 200,000 units. That’s why maintaining a Volkswagen in optimal conditions in India is easy, fast, and cheap.

When you buy a new Volkswagen, you get a 4-year warranty. In addition, the first year of labor service is totally free. That means that you only have to pay for spare parts because the installation in any Volkswagen workshop is free. That’s why buying a Volkswagen is an ingenious way to save money. Even with the money, you would spend on a used car, you could buy 2 totally new Volkswagens.

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authorized workshop

There are currently 147 service centers in India. You can find several Volkswagen workshops in Goa or Volkswagen workshops in Visakhapatnam. No matter where you are in India, you’ll always be treated like a VIP client and you’ll feel at home.

Volkswagen workshops in Visakhapatnam have modern facilities where you can relax while a professional checks the status of your vehicle. Coffee cups and smiles are totally free. In addition, Volkswagen workshops in Goa are the best places to find original and spare parts. In India, it’s common to find imitation spare parts, which are usually imported from China. These don’t have the same service life as an original Volkswagen spare part manufactured in Germany and are damaged after rolling a few kilometers.

authorized workshop

Usually, those car workshops that we see everywhere in India offer no guarantee after repair. If the car is damaged after a few days, you can’t demand anything from mechanics; after all, you decided to take the risk. In an authorized Volkswagen workshop things like that don’t happen. All Volkswagen workshops must follow strict policies of order, cleanliness, and customer service established by the brand. Therefore, always attending with a smile is almost a commandment.

If you want your Volkswagen repaired in record time and don’t want to spend too much money on repairs that aren’t necessary, you should always trust those workshops authorized by the brand to fix your vehicle.

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