7 Efficient Steps for a Tidy Bedroom

Tidy Bedroom

Your bedroom is the sanctuary where you go at the end of the day to relax and wind down from the hectic pace of everyday life. However, the truth is that it easily gets cluttered with all kinds of things, which can do quite the opposite – it can increase anxiety and stress levels and have a negative effect on the quality of your sleep.

Luckily, keeping the bedroom tidy doesn’t require a lot of effort. While you can always reach out to a dependable company such as NW Maids in Tacoma, having a couple of efficient tips and tricks at hand can help you stay on top of everything. Keep reading to learn more about the best way to clean your bedroom.

What is the best way to clean a bedroom?

While dealing with your bedroom doesn’t require a lot of elbow grease, at times it can be difficult to set your starting point. The following tips will help you make an efficient plan and finish in no time, leaving it spick and span:

Dirty clothes

Because you’re focusing on tidying up your bedroom, don’t worry about unrolling socks or pulling the dirty clothes right side out. Leave these tasks for your laundry time, and simply pick up all the dirty garments you can find around the room, and place them in the hamper.

a Tidy Bedroom

Clean clothes

Move on to the clean clothes and refold or hang it. However, if there’s a significant amount to deal with, you can just place it on your bed, and when the time comes to go to sleep, take a couple of minutes to take care of it.

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Even if you’re an avid cleaner, you can always come across a piece of clutter that’s waiting to be properly disposed of. Whether it’s a candy wrapper or an old magazine you forgot to get rid of, make sure you collect them all, remembering to check under the bed and other furniture, and throw them away.

The bed

Making your bed takes as much as a couple of minutes, yet many people tend to bypass it since they’re simply going to use it again at the end of the day. However, making an effort to do this task does make a difference. It gives your entire bedroom a fresh look and sets you off in the right mood for the day.

If you make your bed immediately after you get up in the morning, your mind will feel better organized, accomplished, and ready to take up daily challenges.

Items out of place

Working your way around the room, you’ll certainly run into quite a few items that don’t belong here, so make sure you have a bag or a box nearby so you can grab it and deposit the items there. Instead of returning them to their places one at a time, take your container once you’re done with the room, and place them back where they belong.

Your Bedroom

High-touch areas

You want to reduce the amount of germs and bacteria in your bedroom to a minimum level. Grab your disinfectant and spray it over the high-touch areas such as doorknobs and light switches. Let it sit up to one minute, then wipe down with a clean cloth.

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The floor

Lastly, it’s time to vacuum the floor. Make sure you cover the areas under the bed and other pieces of furniture since that’s where you’ll find most dust. Once done with vacuuming, dampen your mop with a mild solution, making sure you wring it out well, and mop the non-carpeted areas.


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