Whatever They told You about Residential Cleaning is Dead Wrong and Here’s Why

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Residential Cleaning

Over time, there have been numerous things people have said about residential cleaning in newton that is virtually wrong in most cases. People have formed different perceptions and myths around these services so much that it has become difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. More people are falling prey to this misleading information, and it’s only a matter of time before they cause serious damage to your home and furniture.

To avoid such issues, you ought to hire companies or service providers who have experience and can follow through with the right checklist to do a good job. In this article, we look at some various things people are told about residential cleaning that are dead wrong while giving you the real facts.

You can use vinegar as an all-purpose cleaner

Many have heard this statement over and over again and it has developed tons of online recipes that mix vinegar and a light soap for a concoction that gets any house cleaning Boston project done fast. Studies show that when vinegar is mixed with various ingredients, it does not get rid of grime or dirt as much as it should.

The product works best for degreasing and cleaning mildew and mold by only breaking the barrier between these two. In some instances, it can make the work much more difficult; hence, the need for a multi-purpose cleaner.

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Newspapers are the best cleaners for shinny glass

Residential Cleaning

The streaks that are left on mirrors and windows after wiping drive many people crazy besides making the surface look unkempt. After some time, individuals start to say that newspapers provided the streak-free glass that they needed so badly when it’s in fact not the case. The thin paper rips easily, and it contains ink that could leave stains on your windows. It’s better to go for a paper towel instead.

Use lemon peels and coffee grounds in your disposals for a fresh-smelling kitchen

Never worry about lemons as nothing bad will happen to your disposal if you grind a few; they will certainly smell fresh. However, don’t expect them to actually clean the place. Coffee grounds are the real trouble here; in spite of being popular on many residential cleaning blogs and websites, they in fact create more havoc. They are among the foods that should never be thrown down the garbage disposal as they clog the pipes and ruin your septic system.

Professional carpet cleaning shrinks your carpet

For some strange reason, many homeowners believe that getting their carpet cleaned by a professional will shrink their carpet, and pull it away from walls and make it look ugly. However, there is nothing to worry about, more so with newer, modern-day carpets. The truth is that synthetic carpets will not shrink even if it’s made from natural fibers. Professional cleaners know how to handle these fabrics; they shine them to absolute perfection. In the end, it will still retain its size. The best way to handle this is to research before you try.

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Use furniture on your wood every time you clean

Residential Cleaning

Furniture polish is a crucial part of your cleaning arsenal; however, you don’t need to pull it out each time you clean. With time, the polish begins to build up and create a sticky, gross layer that is hell to remove.

Therefore, don’t use it more than once every week or less to keep your furniture looking fresh. You don’t need anything more than a clean microfiber towel in between polishing.

Don’t make your bed to air it well

There is no sane residential cleaning service provider that can advise you to do his although many people have been told the same over and over again. It is not bad to leave your bedding to breathe a bit before making it. According to studies, bed mites do badly in dire environments like unmade beds, but it really is a matter of misleading heading and inaccurate conclusions. It is hard to believe that not making your bed can have an effect on the overall humidity; people ought to stop making excuses and make their beds!

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