Why Choose Vegetarian Diet Plan And Its Types

Why Choose Vegetarian Diet Plan And Its Types 1

A vegetarian diet is a plant-based, meat-free diet. People are adopting the vegetarian style, especially those fervent about their health, animal rights, environment, and food lovers.

What does vegetarian mean?

Generally, vegetarian means animal food is eliminated from the diet. It includes eliminating all kinds of meat, fish, and for some even eggs and animal by-products. Therefore there are different kinds of vegetarian diets available. In brief, vegetarians eat vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, and beans.

Why do people choose a vegetarian diet?

Many people choose to follow a vegetarian healthy meal plan because of personal & public health reasons. Research unveiled that animal products produced on large scale follow CAFOs [Concentrated Animal feeding Operations], which possibly contain antibiotics. The use of antibiotics can cause antibiotic-resistant bacteria to develop in humans.

Why Choose Vegetarian Diet Plan And Its Types 2

Research has even revealed the healthy benefits of nutritionally-rich, well-planned vegetarian diet plans. They support weight loss as well as lower the risk of obesity, cancer, heart disease, and type II diabetes.

Environmentally speaking, some people don’t support large-scale animal husbandry because the manure from CAFOs can pollute the groundwater, air, and soil. CAFOs release greenhouse gases, which contribute to global warming.

A few people follow a vegetarian diet for personal ethics and animal welfare. Some even avoid dairy products. Several find the vegetarian diet to be cost-effective for their family. There are different vegetarian diets and you can choose one that aligns with your personal ethics and goals.

Types of Vegetarian diet plans

Lacto vegetarian

A Lacto-vegetarian diet contains plant-based foods. However, Lacto-vegetarian even eats dairy products like milk, butter, cheese, and yogurt. Dairy contains remarkable protein amounts, so dairy products are kept to feel safe.


Ovo-vegetarians get nutrients from plant-based foods. They don’t add animal products or by-products, except eggs. It is consumed for its nutritional value, or people adore eating eggs.

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Why Choose Vegetarian Diet Plan And Its Types 3

Lacto-Ovo vegetarians

Lacto-Ovo vegetarians remove fish or meat but eat eggs and dairy products. It is because people are worried about their protein levels, enjoy food, and have different philosophies associated with animal welfare.


Vegans pursue the most restricting dietary values. Animal meat, eggs, and all dairy products are eliminated from a vegan diet. It includes collagen, white sugar, gelatin, and honey. Vegans even abstain from buying products that have been made from animal skin or bones. Some raw vegans consume uncooked raw plant-based foods. They choose to live like the man of the Stone Age.


The prefix ‘Pesce’ means fish in Italian. In a Pescatarian diet, fish-based food is consumed but meat like pork, chicken, and beef is eliminated. Depending on the individual choice, the Pescatarian diet may or may not include dairy products or eggs. Pescatarian diet does not sound to be a vegetarian diet plan because the restrictions are minimal.

Nevertheless, it can be a great alternative for those who desire to lessen significant animal protein consumption but are not ready to eliminate the nutrition and protein source. Seafood and fish provide great health benefits.

Why Choose Vegetarian Diet Plan And Its Types 5


A pollotarian diet eliminates pork and red meat but consumes poultry. The reason to eliminate red meat is its adverse effects on health.


The diet plan is flexible in this lifestyle. Animal protein and products are not entirely eliminated from the diet. However, they are conscious to lessen eating these foods, so they consume them occasionally. A Flexitarian diet plan makes switching to a vegetarian lifestyle slowly.

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