What to Put in Your Mountain Dream Cabin

A cozy cabin tucked away in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains can serve as a year-round home, a weekend getaway, or a summer or fall vacation destination. Once you’ve bought your property, the next step is outfitting it the right way to get that perfect rustic look while keeping it comfortable and inviting for you and your guests.

Start in the kitchen

Mountain Dream Cabin

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and your mountain cabin is no exception. You can make your cabin rustic without sacrificing modern convenience. Go for appliances that mimic the look of antique kitchenware, islands, and tables made from rough-cut wood, and lighting in softer tones. Avoid any harsh whites or blues if you want the kitchen to remain mountain-true.

When it comes to cookware, cast iron is the obvious choice. Not only is it an excellent type of cookware for nearly any cooking or baking challenge you can throw at it, but there’s nothing better for matching a rough mountain decor.

Keep your plates, bowls, and cups simple and in solid colors. If you go neutral you can pop with napkins and knickknacks. If you opt for a bright blue or red, your plates are part of the pop. Dress things up with an antler rack candle holder, some farmhouse canisters, and print napkins in-country stylings.

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Soak your troubles away

Soak your troubles away

The bathroom of a modern home is no longer an afterthought, and the bathroom of your Blue Ridge mountain real estate should be a place where you want to spend time. Now is the moment to invest in a gorgeous stone bath and matching sink.

For accessories, your towels can go in several directions, from modern farmhouse to primitive. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with what you choose and that you make it something you know you’ll enjoy being around for a long soaking session. Don’t forget the candles. They go especially well in a rustic setting.

Speaking of soaking, your bathroom doesn’t have to be the only place to do that. The cabin porch hot tub is a classic feature of mountain cabins, and there’s a reason for that. The Blue Ridge Mountain climate is perfect for spending the day out on the lake, on the golf course, or hiking, and then spending the cool evening soaking in a whirlpool.

Put your feet up in style

Soak your troubles away

A cozy living room is a capstone to your perfect mountain cabin. Ideally, you’ll be spending a lot of time here with loved ones or friends, so while you want it to match the look of the cabin, you don’t want to do that with clunky and uncomfortable furniture.

Leather is a popular mountain cabin decor choice, and remember that leather doesn’t have to be black or brown. If the rest of the room is made up of darker woods, consider a muted red leather or even a beige to make things a little less uniform. Also, make sure you have plenty of comfy throws around so you can wrap up on crisp fall nights.

Ceiling fans are always a great choice for a cabin. The weather in the Blue Ridge mountains is such that there will only be a few days when you’ll need to run the air conditioner, so having a ceiling fan not only means you stay comfortable — you might save having to put in an air conditioner at all.

Once you’ve invested in a beautiful piece of mountain real estate, don’t stop there. Make it truly yours with the decor you’ll love and feel comfortable in no matter how much time you spend there.

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