How to choose Wall Mural Art to Embellish Your Space

A graphic art piece applied or painted on the ceiling, the surface of a wall, or other durable substrate is called a mural. A wide variety of murals available in the market like the photographic print and handcrafted works charm a vast population across the world.

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It is typically found on the walls of big buildings, alleys, commercial premises and even homes. It is one of the earlier forms of art ever made in human history. Murals are one of the interesting ways to give your room a splash of colour or some of your interests.

Work of art, nature-inspired, is difficult to ignore. Art has always given space for building interesting character and beauty. Large artistic pieces can change the beauty of your walls and ceiling dramatically. A splendid wall mural can be a masterpiece to transform any space.

Feathr gold is the right place where people can find the wall mural as per their taste and personalityThey have a wide variety of artistic and unique wallpaper murals to complement your bedroom, living room, and more. These wall murals are easy to apply and remove.

There are different types of wall mural art: 

When you are planning to give your wall some interesting and creative transformation, it is a must to choose a suitable material.

Sandstone wall murals

It is the art of creating three dimensions forms from marble. You can decorate your wall with a revamped sandstone wall mural. This wall covering has a lovely finish that goes well with the modern and contemporary interior design. You can check out the handcrafted wall covering collection for hassle-free decoration at a reputed store.

Vinyl wall murals

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They are printed images and have adhesive backing. It is also manufactured to the preferred size by printing companies for a smooth surface like metal or drywall in a process that is like wallpaper installation. It is one of the most popular types of wall mural is vinyl wall mural art. You can refurbish your living room using a range of designs including abstract, nature etc. They are budget-friendly and can be easily installed.

Painted wall murals

These are sophisticated and classy and are a good addition to any of your rooms. These wall murals take time to complete. However, once the final touch is given, you can have a fabulous look and finish on your wall.

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Ceramic tile mural Art

It is an artistic ornament used to enhance your space. The surface of ceramic tile art can turn into a piece of art and can be used to form a mosaic. It is a surface decoration with designs made up various colours, and small pieces of other material such as mineral, stone, glass, shells or tiles.

Photography wall murals

It is another creative kind of wall mural that is used to showcase your personality and style. It is also known as fine art photography and is an artwork that is created in line with the artist’s version. If you are looking for a modern style of art mural for your home wall, these artistic wall murals can give a creative touch to your space.


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You can look for the best and most popular types of wall murals that add tremendous value to your space online. Choosing a mural for your home depends on the style and your budget. If you looking for the latest and most inexpensive option for your walls, then check the mural artwork done by a reputed company to suit your space. It is printed on the wall and can be customized as per your needs.

However, make sure your getting this artwork installed by professionals.

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