What are the Various Uses of Metal Washers?

Most of you must have come across a metal washer, which is a small flat metal piece having a hole in the center and can be used as a spacer, generally meant for absorbing shock, or load distribution of a fastener.

Metal Washers

The hole present in the center of a metal washer enables a bolt or screw to easily pass through. There are several uses for these metal washers, and each of them is designed to offer a sufficient amount of stress resistance and strength.

As an example, there are AN Washers in stainless steel available on the market which can meet the military specifications of the USA and are used for the Air Force and Navy applications.

Uses for metal washers

There are several uses for these metal washers and some of them are specially manufactured for certain unique and unusual applications.

The basic purpose of these metal washers is to distribute the load of any fastener like

  • Screw
  • Bolt
  • Nut
  • Any other form of connecting any fastener that can securely fit

The following are a few uses of these metal spacers.

Load distribution

When a fastener is driven into or linked to a material, the washers’ primary purpose is to distribute the load. Surfaces are often stressed by fasteners without washers, which can result in cracks, imprints, and other deformities.

Metal Washers

Metal washers guard against such damage by dispersing the weight equally throughout and reducing the tension on the fastener. With the exception of soft materials like wood, all materials do not require stress release.

Using as a spacer

Metal washers are frequently used as spacers for fasteners that may be longer than the diameter of the hole that is being driven into. Some fasteners leave a gap between their heads and the surface of the material after being utilized.


A layer of material, such as neoprene, is attached to the metal in a unique kind of washer called a sealing washer. To stop leaks and drips, a tight seal is formed by the metal washer’s durability and the ability of the material to seal.

Although sealing washers are quite robust and sturdy, they are also gentle and smooth to avoid harming the surface being sealed. For sealing bolt joints, these sealing washers are the best tool.

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Metal sealing washers must be carefully and precisely fastened because excessive torque can result in leakage. The surface must not be either convex or concave when the washer is pressed up against it.

The bonding of the different sealing materials can create a certain corrosion-resistant surface, which is helpful to create a cushion between the bolt head and the joint.

Besides the sealing of the leaks, these sealing washers can serve as some kind of vibration-dampening tool.

Using for repair


When a hole has been harmed by rust or corrosion, a particular kind of washer known as a fender washer is utilized to repair the connection. A fastener can be fastened to the washer, which has a small hole with a very big outer diameter that can always cover the hole.

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