The Causes, Types and Time Taken for Removal of Corn

Many people often deal with corn and callus problems on foot. Both aren’t severe ailments, but are quite painful and irritable. It may lead to many foot health problems, if it remains untreated for a long time. Corn and callus are thickened layers or lumps formation that is visualized on parts of hands and feet. The prime cause is friction and pressure on the skin of hands and feet continuously that give rise to callus and corn. Both the conditions have a few common symptoms.

Whether it is corn or callus, both need immediate treatment to prevent other foot or hand problems. In Irvine, you have expert podiatrists, such as Dr. Sima Soltani who believes in operation-less treatment thus, give importance to laser therapy. She has helped numerous of her patients by proceeding with laser callus removal Orange County medical faculties.

Her success rate is quite high in removing corn through laser treatment as well.  However, before you consult a podiatrist, it is best to understand the difference between corn and callus.

Difference in corn and callus:
Removal of Corn

  • Corn: It seems like an ugly and serious problem compared to callus. They are smaller in size, deeper having hard center surrounded by swollen discolored skin. The hard center when pressed will be painful. The corn that is hard or neovascular takes time to be treated while the soft ones get treated fast. The corn removal by a podiatrist is done within half an hour time, but there are chances of reoccurrence, hence it is best to opt for laser treatment to remove it.
  • Calluses: There are very less chances of this disorder being painful. It can develop at any pressure points of the body like on heels, palms, balls of the foot and even on knees. They are larger than corn in size.

You need to see a podiatrist when the corn and callus are painful. The corn removal Orange County clinics have helped many to be free from this foot disorder. Diabetic patients need to immediately contact a nearby podiatrist. The causes of the discomfort is few but mainly occurs because of pressurizing the tissues of the body parts because of friction.

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The causes of corn and callus:

corn and callus

  • It triggers when you wear ill-fitting shoes which are quite tight.
  • Socks designed using lower quality fabric may be the cause of friction that affects the foot skin.
  • Many people avoid adorning socks while wearing belted front-covered sandals or shoes. This leads to friction on feet that eventually becomes the cause of forming rashes, corn or callus.
  • Callus occurs on hands when you use hand tools that cause friction and irritates the skin which promotes allergic reaction. Even while playing instruments like guitar and sitar can cause callus.
  • It might be genetics or when your skin is quite delicate.
  • Diabetic conditions can cause less blood flow in the foot, which leads the soft tissues of toes to become hard. Eventually, the hard skin takes the form of corns or calluses.
  • When you lose fat in your foot that acts as a natural cushion to protect your feet bones from pressure. There is less padding thus foot is prone to have rashes, callus and corns.

There are different types of corns:
Removal of Corn

  • Hard corns: They are more troublesome and need to be removed immediately otherwise will be painful. The dry mass of hard skin and hard core center is quite a problem. A podiatrist is the best support to remove the corn.
  • Soft corns: There are no hard core issues but uncomfortable. The tissues of the skin discolors and when pressed may be painful. If left untreated can change into hard corns.
  • Seed corns: They can occur anywhere because of skin irritations and are quite small in size. It can be single corn or a cluster of it. They aren’t painful but prove to be discomfort when touched.
  • Neurovascular corn: This is one of the worse kinds of corn that is quite painful and complicated to be removed even by laser treatment. The nerve endings and blood vessels get wrapped over each other causing pain and bleeding.

All kinds of callus and corns aren’t enjoyable thus best to remove them by consulting an expert podiatrist. Dr. Sima Soltani, a skilled podiatrist does callus removal Irvine health center to help their patients to be free from the discomfort caused due to corns and calluses.

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