Toner Cartridges Without Chip – An Economic Alternative To Chip Cartridges

Toner Cartridge Without Chip

If you are looking at purchasing a new printer, you may find that many branded models come with chip technology that allows the printer to recognize the cartridge made by the same manufacturer. Toner cartridges with chips are expensive and if you are on a budget, this might not be a feasible option for you.

Toner Cartridges without Chips – An Alternate Option

Toner cartridges without chips as the name implies are cartridges that do not come with a chip. In such cases, you might need to manually remove the chip from your old cartridge and install it into the new one. Now, this again depends on the type of printer model you use.

Some models come with chips that can be used after installing the original chip. The other version is the non-chip version where additional installment might not be required. It is always better to verify with the store before you purchase the cartridge.

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Toner Cartridges without Chips

The basic difference between chip and non-chip toner cartridges is chip toner cartridges come with original chips that can be installed directly onto your printer. Sometimes, these chips are remanufactured after emptying the contents of the original cartridges and resold at higher prices.

Non-chip toner cartridges are compatible products that can be installed onto your toner cartridge and are an economical option when compared to their counterparts.

Now one of the questions that would be haunting your mind would be if the no-chip cartridge would be compatible with your printer model. The answer is yes. You must install the original chip from your old model and align it correctly. You can even use this toner multiple times until the ink runs out. If the chip is damaged, you might need to replace it with a new one.

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Another issue that you might face when it comes to installing toner cartridges without a chip is error messages. Pop-up messages such as “Low toner” or “No Toner” messages are quite common when you install a new compatible cartridge with your original toner. You can ignore this message and go about printing your documents.

Toner Cartridge Without ChipInstalling Non-Chip Toner Cartridge for your Printer

Now that you are aware of the difference between chip and no chip toner cartridge, let us see the steps required to install the cartridge correctly onto your printer:

  • Locate the old toner cartridge in your printer and gently pull out the cartridge
  • Use tweezers to take out the chip carefully
  • Open your new toner cartridge and install the old chip
  • Check if it is aligned properly and is inserted correctly in the chip slot


If you are not sure how to do it, you can always refer to videos or tutorials on the same. You just need to search for your printer model and click on the video.

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