Tips To Find the Best Platelet-Rich Plasma Kit

Tips To Find the Best Platelet-Rich Plasma Kit 4

Despite its simplicity, PRP extraction has become the subject of dispute about the technique’s reliability for the past few years. The use of a kit is essential in the production of PRP. Let’s discuss a case where we don’t use a PRP kit firstly. When blood is collected into a test tube and centrifuged, the top portion collected is known as PRP. This PRP, which is collected, is usually not effective. In fact, it isn’t the true platelet-rich plasma.

When you use this kind of PRP, it might result in post-injection flare-ups. When you use a PRP kit, the platelet concentration would be around 5X to 7X on an average. When it comes to testing tube PRP, the platelet concentration would be only 1.5X, which is why PRP kits are more popular everywhere. When it comes to PRP kits, you can find so many on the market. Some of them may deliver what you are looking for in the PRP, while some may not.

Tips To Find the Best Platelet-Rich Plasma Kit 5

What does a PRP kit include?

Most of the PRP kits include the below items. Take a look at them!

  • PRP tubes: It is very important to have proper PRP tubes and BCT tubes for storing the sample in a sterile environment. This step is very important in the various types of PRP preparations.
  • Needles: Butterfly needles, injection needles, transfer needles, and mesotherapy needles are important for obtaining the appropriate amount of blood for the PRP treatment.
  • Syringes: The syringes are generally used to hold blood when it is being transferred from the patient to a PRP device. They are also important to a PRP system because of their function in the final PRP injection.

If you are planning to buy PRP tubes, there are so many stores online. However, if you are looking for quality ones then check the site of Plasmolifting Technologies online. You can find online training courses in the PRP application here. Their course will give you a complete understanding of the PRP treatment.

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Tips To Find the Best Platelet-Rich Plasma Kit 3

How to choose a good PRP kit?

As you can find different varieties of kits on market, it is always better to know the differences between them.

  • Gel Separators: Gel separators are nothing but test tubes that come with gel at the bottom. When it comes to this gel, it can separate the collected blood from platelets because of osmosis. The biggest problem with this type of test tubes when centrifuged is, gel catches most of the platelets. This will result in a 1.5-fold increase in platelet concentration. It will also remove white and red blood cells, which is a bonus.
  • Buffy Coat: These kits allow the users to see a buffy coat. Moreover, it can provide five to seven times concentrations. When it comes to this buffy coat, it is usually a thin layer that forms between blood and plasma when centrifuged. White blood cells and platelets make up the majority of this, with plasma at the top and blood beneath. You can now separate the red blood cells and buffy coats without any contamination. This will assist you in obtaining PRP that has fewer than 10% RBC.

Choose a reputed store always for buying PRP kits!

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