The Top 7 Tips for the Perfect Family Day at a Waterpark


Waterparks are magical havens for kids. For little ones and even teenagers, a place with different kinds of pools, various types and sizes of slides, and where they can get wet while doing fun activities (and without being told off) is definitely a slice of paradise.

Although kids view a trip to a waterpark as an escape to a wonderland, parents know that this day can easily and quickly turn into a nightmare.

The key to having the perfect day at a waterpark is to prepare well for this getaway. With adequate planning, you can prevent problems from happening. You will successfully deal with any issues and emergencies that may come up as well.

How to have the best time at a waterpark with your family


If you’re planning to bring your family to the best waterpark in Dubai soon, follow these tips to make sure everyone has fun, including yourself, throughout the whole day:

Do sufficient research

Whether you are still looking for a waterpark to go to or have already chosen one, get as many details as you can about your destination.

Find out if the aquapark has pools, slides, facilities, and activities for all the members of your family to enjoy from the youngest to the oldest. Additionally, check the height restrictions for rides and slides beforehand. If you bring the younger kids to these attractions and they are turned away, you may end up dealing with their tantrums all day.

Lastly, check how many restaurants or food stalls are inside the park, if you can rent a cabana or locker or both, and if they provide life vests and towels for all guests. If you need to rent anything, find out how much they cost beforehand so that you can come prepared.

Prepare a to-pack list for everyone


To ensure everyone brings everything they need for a fun and safe day at the waterpark, create a list of things they need to pack in their bags and distribute them. These should include:

  • Swimsuit
  • Cover-ups or kaftans (for teenage girls and ladies)
  • Extra clothes
  • Flip-flops or aqua shoes
  • Beach hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Life vests (if needed)
  • Additionally, remind the kids that they can bring their own towels if they want to.

If you have toddlers or young kids, put their essentials in your bag or help them pack their backpacks if they want to bring one.

Make sure you bring extra bottles of sunscreen so that you can share them with anyone who runs out. Pack toiletries, bottled water, baby wipes, Band-Aid, and other items younger kids may need. Ensure you have bags where you can place all your wet clothes as well.

Reserve a cabana or hire a locker in advance


Find out if you can reserve a cabana before your planned visit. This is something that you have to consider doing, especially if you will be going to a popular waterpark during the weekend or a holiday.

With a cabana, everyone will have a shaded place where they can take breaks and eat and drink during meals or lunch. It will also be the official meeting place when older kids decide to go for meals on their own, and before the day ends if they want to explore the waterpark independently.

Additionally, if you don’t want to spend the whole day at the aquapark looking at or lugging your handbag around, rent a locker. You can store all your valuables inside it, which will give you peace of mind and allow you to have a fun, carefree time at the park as well.

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Arrive early

Find out what time the waterpark opens and plan to go there early. By doing so, you will get to avoid larger crowds.

Additionally, everyone will be able to maximize their stay in the park, too. This means they can go on more rides, spend more time at the different pools, and explore the area longer.

To ensure you and your family gets to the waterpark on or before its opening time on the day of your visit, have everyone get to bed early the night before.

Set break and lunch schedules and the departure time


If you have teens that would prefer to spend the whole day on their own or with their friends, make sure they know when they should go back to the cabana for snack times and lunch.

If possible, give your older kids waterproof watches to wear so that they can keep track of time.

Remind your kids about the time you have to leave the park. Make sure they are at the meeting place at the exact hour, especially if you have plans to take family photos or explore the water park before you leave.

Be prepared to coax younger kids to leave the park

At the end of your visit to the waterpark, you may have difficulty getting toddlers and younger kids to change into dry clothes since they will be having too much fun to want to leave.

To avoid dealing with meltdowns and tantrums before going home, bring a toy to coax your little ones to leave the park. You can also promise to give them ice cream or any treat once they are inside the car.

Set aside time to explore the waterpark

Even if soaking in the pool, going on slides and rides, and getting drenched are the main activities of the day, don’t forget to go around the park with your family.

Before leaving, explore the park with your family. Take photos of the different attractions and other picturesque scenery. Visit the shops to buy a souvenir or two as a memento of the fun day here.

Drop by the nearby beach or a famous landmark before heading home as well. You may even watch a movie with your family as you wind down for the day.

To have the perfect day at a waterpark, follow these tips. And even if you are the organizer of this getaway, don’t forget to have fun at the park, too.

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