Dealing With The Most Common Pests In Maryville, TN

Bugs are just gross, and creepy and can make you very very ill if not dealt with at the earliest. They are one of those things that no one wants to spot in their house.


However, if unfortunately, you did notice them moving around on your property, you surely understand how unsettling and uncomfortable they make you feel.

Also, if you notice one, rest assured, there are many. If you think, it is not possible to handle the condition on your own, it is best to call in a professional for pest control Maryville TN. There are certainly many service providers, but for best results, you must contact the best one.

For dependable pest control services, you can always rely on Colonial Pest Control. They specialize in pest control and are always ready to provide you with fast efficient services.

Nevertheless, if you think the situation is still under control, then there are a few measures that you must take to prevent any further progress. Here are a few tips on how you can keep bugs out of your Maryville property.

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Tips to handle a pest situation

To handle a pest situation in Maryville, you have to understand what common types of pests are found here. So,

here is what you can expect:

Ants and cockroaches

These pests will enter your home via tiny openings, and contaminate all your surfaces. They are bacteria-tracking pests and thus can spread filth-borne diseases.

Stinging Pests

Mosquitoes, rats, centipedes, ticks, spiders, and scorpions are also noticed in Maryville. These pests are usually known to damage both your property and health. Their bites can make you severely ill.


The last thing you want in your house is termites. Termites especially feed on wood and thus can cause significant damage to your property. They are widely known as silent destroyers, and you must seek professional help to deal with them. 

Preventative measures 

Pests Image

Seal all the entry points

Well, we are not talking about your main door here, but the tiny openings that develop over time on the exterior of your home. These are the points from where pests start entering. Thoroughly check your doors, windows, and screens for such openings. If you notice any cracks, repair them immediately.

Maintain cleanliness

Too much waste lingering around in your kitchen will attract insects. So, ensure there are no broken garbage disposal, dirty pipes, or things like those. Also, ensure you seal packets of flour, cereal, crackers, and everything high in fiber as it may draw insects in.

Use airtight containers for any food products. Try to keep your kitchen and washrooms as dry as possible. Pests love warm, dark, and moist spaces.

Check the plumbing

Pests Pic

Bugs like silverfish, centipedes, and springtails love water and moist areas in general. So, if there are any leaky pipes, your home is surely at risk. Check your appliances and air conditioning system regularly for leakages. Even get all the faulty faucets and pipes repaired at the earliest.

Well, there you go. Lastly, just remember that a pest situation is not always something that you can manage by yourself. So, to avoid more property and health damage, call in a professional at the earliest.

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