Know the Current Trends in Indian Real Estate Before Investing

Real Estate

Though the recent years have all been about a lot of reforms with regards to real estate investing in India. Some of the points seem to come across as dismissing Indian real estate as a bubble that has already burst. However, it is not really as discouraging as it seems. With the hopes of the people dashing off the major big cities, the smaller ones are coming to the fore and showing some great opportunities for investing. In this piece of article, we shall have a look at all the points convey that why Indian real estate cannot be beaten away as yet.

What still makes Indian real estate a better choice for investing?

Despite facing low times, the real estate scenario seems to be improving by the day. The past few years have been all about bringing in new rules, regulations, and reforms in the market. Due to demonetization, there was a brief lull in the markets, too. However, the times are fast improving now. With the people settled with the demonetization and the new reforms, there is a new buzz seen in the Indian real estate market.

Real Estate

Some of the key points which have led to the renewed enthusiasm among buyers or property investors are summarized here:

  • Rera- This is the real estate regulatory act that has helped boost up the investment market here. It is also due to the fact that this regulation is investor-friendly and thus, has brought in more buyers towards investing in real estate. Unlike earlier times when the buyers were at risk and were often left in the lurch by the developers, this act will take care of that fact and will give buyers an edge over the developers in terms of the risks attached with buying a property.
  • New opportunities for investing introduced by builders- Owing to the recent years where the real estate market was facing a low time, the builders have gradually started opening up new opportunities and attractive schemes while selling their property. These new schemes and offers work well to the advantage of the buyer and thus they can avail of these opportunities as well as own the place they have wanted to. There is also an added advantage of the cutting down of the risks, as opposed to the previous times.
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Real Estate

  • NRI quotient- With the Rupee getting weaker against the American dollar, the chance of the NRI investment in the Indian real state has increased drastically. The Indians living abroad can now very well look at the Indian real estate scene as a place to invest. With the buyer-friendly policies in place, the times ahead are sure to witness a boon.
  • Smaller cities taking a lead- There is an overall development seen in the country but the way the smaller cities have come to the fore as a ground for real estate investment is astonishing. These are the places that are still not too expensive to invest in and, offer great amenities for a good lifestyle.

With so many things looking up for Indian real estate, the market scene here is definitely looking good. If you are looking to invest here, then this sure is a good opportunity.

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