The Best Things About Waterfalls

As humans, we have a natural affinity to water. Water is the source of life and the renewal of life for us. Waterways, like humans, continually change and evolve. The same is true for waterfalls. Every time you experience a waterfall, it is different. Raw power and unfiltered beauty await us with each waterfall encounter. Continue reading for the best things about waterfalls, especially those great PNW waterfalls!


  • Recharging

Scientific research supports the renewed energy we have after experiencing a waterfall. Bodies of water release negative ions into the air; they attach to positive ions and cause those to fall from the air. Positive ions are pollutants and other harmful chemicals.

Waterfalls produce a significant amount of negative ions. Our bodies absorb those ions into our bloodstream. This increases our levels of serotonin, which boosts our energy levels and happiness.

  • Sensory Invigorating

Waterfalls engage our sense of sight, hearing, and smell simultaneous. Visually, waterfalls are amazing to view. The free flow of the water is stimulating, which in turn releases the constraints of daily living on our minds. Powerful roars of the water block out other sounds. This lets us immerse ourselves in the present moment. No other sounds can compete with the melodic cadence of the rising and falling gush and gurgles of the water. Clean fresh air engages our sense of smell providing a feeling of rebirth.

The engagement of our senses when visiting a waterfall is similar to engaging in meditation. We are in the moment. Time before and after temporarily ceases while our senses reconnect to nature.

  • Awe-inspiring
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Great PNW waterfalls are some of the most awe-inspiring in the world. The unharnessed power of the water reminds us of our roles in the world. Nature affects how we see ourselves in the continuum of time. The magnificence of waterfalls encourages us to experience more of what life has to offer. Waterfalls and their power dwarf each of us as singletons, but they encourage us to reconnect with nature, ourselves, and others. 

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