Spot Signs of Wasp Infestation and Get Professionals To Eliminate Them

Wasp Infestation

Wasps are the most unwelcoming sight for people during summer. The over-aggressive behaviors of wasps are the reason people hate them. If you provoke them, they can sting multiple tissues to defend themselves and their colonies. If you notice frequent visits of wasps in your house, there is a high chance your property is under wasp infestation.


It is tough to find wasps colonies and makes it hard to spot them until things turn worst. It is essential to find a proper solution to avoid wasp infestation in your house during summer. By can browse through to find the best solution to this problem. Scottsdale Pest Solutions provides complete peace of mind with their guaranteed services.

Eliminate Them

Scottsdale Pest Solutions works diligently they identify the root of the pest problem in your home. They come up with a personalized solution as per your needs. However, before contacting professionals, it is crucial to look for the signs of infestation. The question now is what the evidence of wasp infestation is. Read on and find all the information you need on wasp infestation.


Increasing activities


As the temperature increases during summer, you may notice more wasps flying in and around your property. Wasp has long wings and slender bodies with yellow and black striped bands or yellow and brown patterns marking. If you see them swarming around a particular area, you should immediately address the problem.


Spotting chewed wood around the house


The type of nest varies in different species of wasps. Some make their nests with clay or mud, and some use paper to build their nest. These pests strip wooden structures like fences, trees, and wooden exteriors by chewing wood. Over time, they will cause damage to your property.


Spotting chewed wood

Sometimes, people get confused when they spot chewed wood with the presence of ants or termites. Keep an eye to spot small cracks and holes inside your house as they may be the source of wasp infestation in your home.

Some visible spots for a wasp nest are –

  • Roof spaces
  • Wall cavities
  • Under eaves
  • Garages
  • Sidings
  • Bird boxes
  • Trees


Make sure you check these as these are the places highly prone to wasp infestation. Wasps are dangerous, not because their stings are painful, but sometimes they are downright deadly. You may find many do-it-yourself products to get rid of wasp infestation. However, it is best to let the professionals eliminate these unwelcome guests from your property.


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There are many reasons for leaving wasp removal in the hands of professionals. The primary reason is the risk of getting hurt. Professionals know their work and have the equipment to deal with sudden danger or attack, but you are not. You may end up getting hurt severely.


At the same time, getting professionals to exterminate wasps from your property will save your time and money. Taking the help of professional exterminators is also good for the environment. Many DIY sprays have dangerous chemicals that are unsafe for the environment. Inhaling these chemicals can also be harmful to you, your family, and your pets.

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