How to Spot Plumbing Problems Early on

Whenever you least expect it, plumbing problems appear. It’s time to call a plumber when the faucet starts dripping, or the shower pressure suddenly drops. The best solution to your plumbing problems is to call a professional since they have the right tools and experience. It is still possible to reduce the frequency of issues by changing certain habits. Here are some tips from OneStop Plumbers to help you:


Toilet Is Not A Garbage Can

Toilets aren’t black holes that can swallow anything into oblivion. You will have to deal with a clogged toilet on a Sunday morning sooner if you do not consider what you flush. As a general rule, you should only flush toilet paper, but people use the toilet to dispose of trash in practice, which creates more problems than it solves. Dispose of wipes in a bin beside the toilet, not the toilet.

If you flush sanitary products that absorb liquid, you will quickly create barricades that you will eventually have to clear.

Take Good Care of Your Sink

Your sink is no different. Oil and grease should never be poured down the sink as they will clog plumbing and even burst under pressure if they form a membrane in the pipes. Rather than washing the dishes in the sink, wipe them with a piece of paper to remove as much grease as possible.

If you don’t clean up your hair after a shower, you can have a lot of problems. Hair is probably to blame for flooding that occurs during a shower. Use baking soda to regularly flush the plughole or cover the drain to prevent hair and other debris from getting into the pipes.

Recognize problems and take action


Identifying potential problems and what might be causing them is always wise. Then you can either handle the situation yourself or contact a plumber.

Water puddles may appear near water-using appliances or around areas such as toilets, showers, or kitchen sinks, which means you have a leak. Mold can develop if you don’t notice those leaks quickly enough or if they go unattended.

It may be time to contact a plumber if your sink takes a long time to process water through the drain. You have already tried a few chemicals to dissolve the clog in the plumbing.

There might be a problem if the kitchen sink or shower smells terrible.

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The cost of leaks is high.

A small leak is a sign of an upcoming major problem, so it is essential not to ignore it. In intervals, the dripping water from your sink may seem like something that will soon go away, but in reality, it will reflect in your next water bill. A plumber should immediately repair a leak as soon as you notice it. We do not want to waste water. If you have a water meter, you should check the readings regularly or compare the bills from the last four to five months to detect leaks.

Get a plumber


Unless you are a plumber yourself, you should call a professional if you don’t feel confident about messing with the plumbing. It’s not worth risking making the problem worse.

Even if you are fully confident you can deal with the situation, a professional plumber will share their advice on maintaining your plumbing properly to prevent future issues.

Regular maintenance is also recommended. It is always better to schedule regular checkups and resolve problems in their infancy before it becomes costly.

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