Some Cool & Affordable Porch Makeover Ideas

porch design

Well, the summer is approaching and you must be excited to have some quality time with your loved ones outdoors. Of course, you need not hit the beach to take a sunbath as you can design and build your own porch. While there’s a wide range of wood porch plans available that you can choose from. If you have an existing porch at your home, then you’d be happier to know about some really cool ideas to bring it to life once again.

We have compiled a list of wood porch makeover ideas for those who are low on budget, yet want to add beauty and style to their lifestyle.

Add some Hanging Plants

We’ve always seen the plants to be growing on the earth, but the designers and decorators have developed a new way to grow plants indoors without spreading soil all over your floor. The hanging plants can really help draw the eye up. Explore the wide range of options available online and you can make the right choice with the cheap options that are great to add charm to your wood porch plans.

porch design

Paint the Ceiling

Do you feel the ceiling of your porch is dull and outdated? Well, you need not redesign the whole ceiling as you can paint it to make it looking stunning and appealing. You have the option to choose from several colors and patterns. Make the right pick depending upon your porch design and your home’s interior so it makes the right match for your wood porch plans. If you want to paint both the porch floor and ceiling, make sure to pick the colors that hit a really bold note.

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Outdoor Curtains

Since your porch is located outdoors, you don’t want to feel like burning during the summer seasons. Hence, the curtains not just make your wood porch plans look amazing, but also make them more comfortable for you. Pick bright colors so your curtains don’t observe heat, allowing it to give your loved ones a comfortable experience. Use outdoor curtains during the summer hung from tension rods.

porch design

Add a Swing

A hanging swing is a great addition to your overall wood porch plans, allowing you to get rid of the outdoor furniture and make your porch design look spacious. They are simple yet elegant and make your porch look like a style statement to others. And mind it, the hanging swings are quite romantic too.

Add Screening

If you are living in a place where pollution and dust are common, then you may want to get your porch screened to keep your indoors healthy. Additionally, the screens also protect your family from incest, if you are living in a place with a lot of trees around.

So, go ahead and add life to your wood porch plans with these affordable additions to your porch without worrying about the budget part. They will bring your porch back to life once again and you’d feel the magic yourself.

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