How to Select the Right Display Boxes to be Used for Your Products?

When it comes to retail, display boxes are used to influence consumer purchasing behavior. These boxes are designed to showcase manufactured items in a safe and presentable manner.

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However, choosing the right custom display box and product packaging type can be tricky, especially for newcomers in the retail market.

To help with this, CEF Box offers eco-friendly display boxes made from paper and cardboard that contain a minimum of 50% post-consumer content.

Here are some specific things to consider when choosing a display box:

1. Know the latest trends in packaging

Marketing strategies evolve rapidly, and new ideas for distinctive packaging emerge almost every week. Conducting a quick market survey can help identify current trends in display boxes.

It is critical to modify your customized packaging to meet the latest designs. While some products suit vintage containers, modern packaging enhances most products and serves as an impactful marketing approach.

2. Get the accurate size

Display packaging serves a broad range of products, from small to large items, edibles to cosmetics, and accessories to toiletries. Given their varying sizes and nature, matching the display boxes to the specific item is essential.

When selecting the appropriate display container for your products, ensure it accommodates the item perfectly, keeping its size in mind.

3. Packaging should match your product

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Selecting an eye-catching design and the right size for custom display boxes is vital. However, ensuring the packaging aligns with the product’s essence is equally crucial.

While some retailers reuse old display trays, it is not universally effective. For instance, lipstick packaging with specialized holders won’t suit chocolates or cookies, as these items won’t fit well due to the distinct design features.

4. Choose the right printing style

Display boxes are crafted to captivate consumer attention, demanding a visually striking appearance. Achieving this involves using various printing customizations, such as color schemes, font styles, logo placement, and product descriptions.

Incorporating these enhancements can elevate custom display boxes into luxurious packaging for products. Furthermore, adding images to the container further enhances appeal, as imagery conveys the item’s essence more effectively than a plain box.

5. Utilize display packaging as an efficient branding tool

Display packaging serves as a potent branding tool for both companies and products. These packages catch the eye of every store visitor as they are positioned prominently, often near cash counters.

This exposure, even if the product is not their focus, imparts the notion of a trustworthy manufacturer. Branding strategies encompass printing the company’s name or featuring its logo on the box’s front, ensuring easy visibility.

6. Go for inserts for more sophistication

Packaging inserts play a pivotal role in securing products within the packaging, presenting them with an air of sophistication.

Moreover, customized inserts facilitate convenient movement from one retail location to another, simplifying shelf arrangements without increasing packaging prices.


It’s important for retailers and manufacturers to realize that not all products are meant for a universal audience. When searching for the perfect display boxes, it’s crucial to think about the target demographic.

It’s vital to customize the design to cater to the specific audience. For example, bright and lively colors are more appropriate for children than for adults.

Similarly, when it comes to cosmetics, the packaging should have a stylish appearance that complements the product rather than working against it.

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