Before and After Care Process of HIFU Face Lift Treatment

HIFU Face Lift Treatment

For rough, dry, or aging skin, high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a unique, non-invasive skin therapy. In several ways, HIFU can help restore softer, smoother skin. Even if the technique seems simple, it’s crucial to understand and follow the before and aftercare for HIFU facelifts. Otherwise, hyperpigmentation may result from improper post-HIFU therapy.

Following HIFU facelift’s aftercare recommendations enhances treatment efficiency and guarantees long-term results. You should keep up a regular skincare routine in addition to aftercare to keep your skin clear, healthy, and protected from the elements using sunscreen. Proper pre and post-operative care minimizes problems, enhances and prolongs outcomes, and saves time, money, and further side effects.

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Before Treatment 

Before Treatment

  • HIFU cannot be used to treat sunburned or scourged skin, therefore protect your skin from exposed UV rays for a few days before the treatment begins.
  • To aid in treatment, it is also advised to avoid any chemicals that irritate the skin.
  • Also, consult your doctor if you’re already on any antibiotics, you may have to stop them a few days before the treatment.
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Treatment Day

  • Avoid using moisturizers and any kind of makeup on the day of the treatment.
  • It is wise for you to arrive at the treatment facility early this way you can relax few minutes or ask your doctor or staff last-minute questions.
  • The fact is that some patients experience anxiety before treatment, thus it is crucial in these situations to take anti-anxiety medication before treatment. consult your doctor because they may recommend some along with any anesthetic.
  • Patients must bring a driver or company along who will pick them up after the surgery and escort them home safely.

Aftercare Procedure

Aftercare Procedure

  • After the HIFU treatment, it is recommended to protect your skin from extreme hot and cold temperatures. Therefore, apply sunscreen before going out and cover yourself from UV rays.
  • Also avoid the extreme hot and cold showers for a few days, until your skin tightens.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol at any cost because it dehydrates the body and gives the liver extra tasks. Your liver needs to break down extra fat and alcohol may interrupt its work.
  • Some patients experience redness and irritation for a few days which fades with time. However, it is strictly suggested not to scratch your skin because that will damage your skin and increase the chances of scars and bruises.
  • Drinking water is always recommended by any doctor as it flushes out toxins from the body. water will increase collagen produced in the body which will further help in skin tightening.

Before and aftercare is extremely crucial because of the potential problems following HIFU treatment. To maximize the HIFU 效果, it’s crucial that you strictly adhere to the instructions mentioned above.

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