Reasons Why People Choose To Go For Collaborative Divorce

Now that you have decided to go ahead with the divorce, you might be looking for different options to get it without any hassle or delay. You must have come across the term “collaborative divorce”. This is something that you might want to try and that is the reason we are going to talk about it more here.

Go For Collaborative Divorce

One approach that gives every couple looking to resolve the divorce amicably, within a structured format but without any deadlines, delays, and formalities of going to the court. That is called a collaborative divorce and this is gaining huge popularity in the market. Though this might not look like an option for many, if you want to avoid all the stress, time and cost then this method is much better than the traditional one.

The method of mediation and collaborative divorce has helped parties to part ways at a quicker rate and with lower costs. But when you want this to work, both parties need open to having an honest and open discussion on subjects that might be difficult to tackle. At Thompson Salinas Lundergan LLP, they have a team of attorneys that specialize in this Collaborative divorce in Austin, Texas. They are a boutique law firm that has been serving the members of Central Texas for 15 years.

What is a collaborative divorce?


Here both spouses need to agree that they will come to an amicable decision with their good faith efforts. This is where mutual understanding comes into the picture. Both spouses will be ready to exchange information, schedule discussions, and seek professional guidance when required. This will help them come to terms with a full disclosure and certain decisions that they will make, which can affect their future. In short, there needs to be a collaboration between parties. Any kind of negotiation done here will be pointless when one of the parties is not interested and would prefer to litigate any disagreement.

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What are the benefits of collaborative divorce?

There can be an advantage in collaborative divorce in those scenarios where it looks appropriate. So, this can include:

  • Keeping away your child from any kind of nasty court battle
  • Helping both parties to make their own decision regarding the divorce and also its outcome.
  • This can save a lot of your effort, time, and money in the long run.

This kind of divorce is usually done in an informal setting where both parties together work toward the negotiation that can work best for them.

What is the process?

Collaborative Divorce

The process usually starts with getting your spouse on board. You can discuss with him/her a proposal that can be communicated through his/her attorney. Your attorney will help you through this process. The difficult part here would get the opposite partner to get into this process. But once he knows about this process, he/she will be happy to accept this approach.

Your spouse’s attorney will be able to help your spouse through this process and explain to him/her its benefits.

Majorly such kind of collaborative approach is always successful. If both spouses have a clear understanding and are committed to the process then it is likely that you both can walk through the whole process and come to a conclusion.

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