Health Benefits of Drinking Olive Oil and Lemon on Empty Stomach

Drinking Olive

Starting the day by drinking olive oil with a teaspoon of lemon every morning is a natural remedy for several health problems. Both of them are excellent sources of anti-inflammatories with a high concentration of antioxidants. The combination of these super elements aids in the lubrication of abdominal mucous membranes, fights constipation, and activates the circulation and function of the gall bladder and liver.

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Let’s dive deep into the benefits of olive oil and lemon juice.

Benefits of Olive oil

Olive oil is the main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet that is loaded with nutrients.

  • It lowers cholesterol and blood pressure and hence, reduces the risk of heart disease.
  • It reduces the swelling and soreness of arthritis joints.
  • It has antioxidants that fight damaging free radicals.
  • Helps to ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s by reducing bad proteins in the brain and protecting the memory.

Benefits of Lemon

Olive Oil

Lemons are packed with Vitamins B and C, magnesium, potassium, thiamine, and flavonoids that strengthen the immune system.

  • Works to fight against cold and flu.
  • Helps to process and digest the food we eat.
  • Promotes gut health.
  • Stabilizes sugar levels.

Combining olive oil and lemon juice

The combination of olive oil and lemon juice contains works miraculously as they contain polyphenols, a big powerhouse compound that fights against oxidant stressors within our body.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant

Our body goes through a lot of biological stress due to various illnesses, environmental toxins, hormonal imbalances, poor mental health, and a poor diet. Drinking olive oil mixed with lemon juice every morning on empty stomach helps to combat the daily biological stress factors.

Olive oil and lemon juice are also said to have a positive effect on common signs of inflammation within the body that reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The anti-oxidants contain oleic acid and squalene that helps to improve skin tone and provides natural moisture. The mixture helps in preventing forming kidney and gall bladder stones.

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As an energy booster

Drinking olive oil mixed with lemon juice on empty stomach every morning boosts your energy level. The combination contains Vitamin K which helps to facilitate energy needed for our cells to function optimally.

For weight loss and digestion

The combination has Vitamin C which is needed to make a compound called carnitine. Carnitine helps our body in transporting the fatty molecules into our cells where they are metabolized and used as energy sources. It aids in burning fat and thus, helps in obesity.

Dietary experts agree that drinking a combination of olive oil and lemon juice every morning on empty stomach is the best way to ensure you get all the health benefits. Quickly swallow it and you are on your way to better health.

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