Let Us Compare Luxury Vinyl Flooring with Carpet

Let Us Compare Luxury Vinyl Flooring with Carpet 1

You can find luxury vinyl plank available as a flooring option in many different types, styles, and textures. Luxury vinyl can be quite inexpensive and has got many design choices to pick from. A flooring company 689 Pty Ltd can help you in installing vinyl flooring, but also you may install them easily in a DIY way too if you have the necessary skills.

Also, carpets are available in many different designs, styles, and textures, but usually, carpets have a much longer lifespan as compared to your vinyl flooring. However, carpets can be much more expensive compared to vinyl flooring and also need a professional installer like 689 Pty Ltd, who is a professional flooring installation contractor available in Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Tweed Heads

To protect your home both are viable choices, but a few pros and cons must be weighed before you decide, which one is right for you.



  • Can be easily installed without using any specialized equipment
  • Better durability compared to carpet
  • Available in different colors, designs, and styles
  • Easier to clean and also maintain
  • Waterproof and hence no chance of damage due to water or flood-like situation
  • Much less costly as compared to carpets
  • You can match according to décor or your home

Let Us Compare Luxury Vinyl Flooring with Carpet 2


  • It can impact negatively on the environment. The adhesive backing used can harm the environment
  • There can be scratch or scuff marks and no Gold Coast floor sanding company can remove the scratch as done for wooden flooring
  • It can be quite slippery too
  • Feels hard and uncomfortable to your feet if you stand for a longer time.



  • It is much softer on your foot and you can stand comfortably for a longer time
  • Wear out of carpet is much slower and with proper maintenance, the life can be further extended
  • No chance of scratches or scuffs unless severe damage is done
  • Usually, most carpets can be stain resistant based on how it was manufactured so the chances of getting stained are minimum
  • Carpets can easily be cleaned by vacuuming. From time to time professional cleaning can enhance life and keep it clean.
  • The primary advantage of carpet floorings is that this is formaldehyde-treated during the production process, making it safer for persons with allergies to have around their home.

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Let Us Compare Luxury Vinyl Flooring with Carpet 3


  • You need to hire a professional for installing the carpet which can be expensive too. Improper installation may reduce its life.
  • Carpet is a fire hazard and therefore adequate protection will be necessary
  • Certain solvents used during carpet manufacturing can be quite harmful to our environment.
  • Certain additional slip resistance quality must be added that can add up the cost a little more.

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