Few General Information You Should Know About Heroin Addiction

Heroin, one of the most addictive drugs, is derived from poppy seeds. Poppy plants have numerous utilities, it produces red colored beautiful flowers, and poppy seeds are used in baking breads. The same poppy seeds are also used in making the drug heroin. The chemical name of heroin is diacetylmorphine, it is the most rapidly acting opiate drug.

Heroin has severe adverse effects on body and brain of an individual. It’s intensity of consumption determines the severity of the health issues. If you or any of your loved one is battling though this issue, then you should take expert doctor’s help to get rid of it. Having a casual behavior towards this addiction might lead to severe consequences.



There may be many treatment centers for heroin addicts, but, the best treatment method along with a friendly environment can only be provided by the boardwalk recovery center. They are known for their excellence. They are renowned by the name Heroin Addiction Rehab San Diego They have ample number of treatment options for each and every type of heroin-addicted people. Their client satisfaction is at the optimum level.

A larger number of heroin users initially start with using other drugs. With rise in intensity, their craving for more significant drugs gets on the table. Initial drugs are costly in nature, and becomes unaffordable after a certain time. The unresisting effects of the drugs put those individuals rely on cost-effective drugs like heroin.

General Information Of Heroin Drug

  • An impatient rush or high is felt as soon as the drug reaches the brain, followed by severe drowsiness and letharginess for several hours. Heroin is sedative. Intense fluctuation occurs between being awake and being drowsed. This type of fluctuating state of body and mind either stays I this state or might fall asleep for a longer period of time.
  • A sense of warmth and rush is felt on the body when the heroin impacts the brain. Severe irritation is felt on the skin, and you have no other option rather than itching to get instant temporary relief.
  • In 1898, when heroin was invented, it was used solely as a prescribed medicinal drug, as it acts as a pain reliever. During 1990 heroin mixed drugs were sold over the counter in USA. After few years of more advanced study, it was found that using heroin as a pain killer was used less, but mostly it was used as a model of addiction. This has severe health consequences.
  • There are various types of heroin. Two variant of white and brown color comes in powdery form, and another format is a black dry patchy substance known as “black tar heroin”. The brown powdery one comes mainly from Colombia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. The white powdery one comes mainly from South East Asia, it is considered more pure and refined. Mexico is the only producer of black tar heroin; it is made through an industrial process. So, it is impure and low-grade in nature.
  • Those females, who during their pregnancy continue to be heroin addict, severe health implications are observed in the baby like underdeveloped organs, and different malfunctioning inside the baby’s body structure.
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It is very necessary to seek medical help if you or any of your beloveds becomes heroin dependent. The doctor cannot heal you up totally if there is no cooperation from your side. More effort and dedication are needed from your side to get healed in no time.

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