Alcohol Use Disorder – Facts You Need To Know About Drinking Alcohol Alone

In the United States of America, about 65 million people are alcoholics and indulge in binging alcohol. About 14.4 million adults cope with alcohol use disorder, commonly known as alcoholism, a disease caused by alcohol abuse or dependency on alcohol.

However, report says about four out of ten people drink occasionally with their friends or family members without being addicted.

Drinking Alcohol

Do you feel drinking alone only works for you as you can’t control your alcohol intake? There are a few people who enjoy alcoholic beverages when alone. It may not be an alcohol problem but might be some issue or a mental health problem. In most cases, alcohol abuse leads to a mental health disorder, commonly known as a dual diagnosis.

It is best that you learn a little about dual diagnosis treatment centers to overcome your co-occurring mental health disorder. If you or your loved one suffers and needs help, you need to reach out to a good alcoholism treatment rehab in San DiegoCalifornia. Genesis Recovery rehab center provides specialized and integrated care to restore the lives of individuals through dual diagnostic treatment.

Here are some facts you need to understand whether it is time to take any professional help for you or not for your drinking alone problem.

Drinking Alcohol

1. Signs Your Drinking Alone Is Not A Problem

  • Check out whether you are blacking out, neglecting self-care, showing irresponsibility at work and home, lying, and practicing unhealthy behavioral patterns to drink alcohol all day.
  • Also, check if you are consuming more drinks to overcome your depression, anxiety, irritability, mood offs, and other mental health issues.
  • You can take help from an Addiction specialist to guide you well about alcohol consumption.2.

2. Causes Of Drinking Alone

Here are a few reasons why most people like to drink alone.

  1. To enjoy the alcoholic taste or end the day with a refreshing drink.
  2. Report says some people drink alone to manage their boring time and cope with stress or anxiety.
  3. Most people use alcohol as self-medication to overcome emotions and negative thoughts
  4. Some people drink to keep up their spirits.
  5. Alcoholics drink because of their inability to cope with the symptoms of alcohol.

Dangers Of Drinking Alone

3. Dangers Of Drinking Alone

  1. 1. Increased Risk Of Mental Health Issues
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder and depression are commonly treated mental health issues with any drug or alcohol abuse.
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  1. 2. Alcohol Poisoning
  • Consuming two or more servings of alcohol in an hour affects the liver system of your body.
  • Alcohol may cause vomit when you drink alone, as you may find no one to help you limit your consumption.
  • Sometimes alcohol poisoning can lead to death or damages your brain.
  1. 3. Drunk Driving
  • Addicts will end up drinking and driving when heading home from a bar or club.
  • Usually, they lose their rational thinking and positive attitude.

Genesis Recovery rehab center takes you to the path of recovery with several treatment options, including support groups, medical treatments, and therapies.

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