Essential Must-Haves For Modern Web Design

Essential Must-Haves For Modern Web Design 1

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has migrated online. People are using the internet for everything from financial transactions to grocery delivery to streaming OTT platforms. As users are spending a lot of time on the internet it is expected that website owners focus on offering an optimal online experience.

Websites don’t need to appear like the classified section on Times. If the website does not look professional and modern with flawless function, it fails to attract traffic. Even if it does the chances of sales conversion are low or none.

Lions Share Digital is an Austin Design Firm that helps to create a modern and visually appealing web design and search engine optimization. Below are some must-have elements, that professionals use in developing modern web design.

Mobile-friendly layout

The mobile-friendly layout means a responsive website design that adapts to every screen size without compromising usability. The UI elements, text, as well as images, resize & rescale depend on the viewport.

With a mobile-friendly layout, you can tap into the 85% of adults that want a website to offer the same experience on smartphones as it would on desktop. If you overlook the significance of responsive design then the user experience will be poor and you can lose credibility, traffic, and revenue.

Essential Must-Haves For Modern Web Design 3

Clean & bold typography

Clean typography includes –

  • Properly sized text [larger than 16px]
  • Web-standard font
  • Gray/black typography depending on images or hues
  • Sufficient white space between lines for better readability

You can even adopt a customized font that remains consistent across the web pages as well as other online resources.

Speed optimization

The web page takes more than 3 sec to load then the visitor leaves the site. It increases the bounce rate, which can be bad for your SEO. In this fast digital era, websites are projected to load instantly or will be abandoned. However, it is not hard to build a modern web design that loads quickly.

  • Optimize images
  • Compress files
  • Choose a strong hosting environment
  • Decrease HTTP requests [Chrome Developers tool]

Always when you add a design element consider whether it will slow the website speed or not!

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Essential Must-Haves For Modern Web Design 2

Hamburger menus

Long menu options and features offer simple navigation but take plenty of screen space, which is not so good for mobile devices. The hamburger menu is a button that opens to the broad menu. It saves space and keeps the interface clean without compromising the navigational ease for site users.

White space

The internet exposes every user to a countless amount of information. Users can easily get intellectually exhausted. A proper balance of text and white space makes sure that the site is clean, organized, as well as easy to read and navigate. Allow the website to breathe with white space.

The modern web design will need regular evaluation to make sure the website delivers engaging content, and compelling visuals, and offers the users a unified experience regardless of screen size. The essential must-haves listed above are a great starting point for developing a sophisticated, modern, and speedy modern website that captures engages, and drives sales.

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