Do You Want To Surf The Skies In Tenerife by Helicopter?

Do you want to surf the skies by helicopter in Tenerife? It can be a great privilege and all are not lucky enough to experience it in their lives.  In Tenerife, you will find a wonderful orography that you can explore and able to see every corner of Tenerife as a bird’s-eye view.

helicopter tour

Heli dreams Tenerife may cost you anything between 100 to 2,000 euros, based on the route that you have selected. In any case, plenty of companies are available over there that can book your excursions of such type, and hence you must not let go of this opportunity. You can select the route that you like and just venture to see this island right from the air.

The following are a few different options that you have for flying in a helicopter.

1. Sightseeing flight to the south coast

You will be able to cross the Puertito coast, which is renowned for its turtle. You can also fly over the La Caleta village, which is a fishing village, and also the gold course Costa Adeje. You can get a view of Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas.

2. Beaches and other coastal cliffs

Here you can fly over the La Caleta – a fishing village and the golf course of Costa Adeje golf, and also the hotel zones.  You can also fly over the volcanic eruption remains that are next to the Mount Guaza sea.

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Heli dreams Tenerife

3. Los Gigantes and also coastal cliffs

Here too you can fly over the La Caleta fishing village and also of the Playa San Juan coast, where dolphins are often spotted. You can also see the 600 meters high Los Gigantes vertical cliffs. You may also find dolphins, blue whales, or pilot whales.

4. Isla Baja

During this tour, you can experience the seascape as well as the green countryside of the island’s north side. You will get fascinated by seeing the spectacular Buenavista del Norte landscape and also its solidified lava streams. You will also fly over Icod de Los Vinos and Garachio.

5. Exclusive helicopter flight

You can also make a plan for your own flight and also decide the route that you want along with the pilot. This will be your perfect opportunity to ask all questions while you are in Tenerife.

Heli dreams Tenerife

6. Southern Tenerife

You can also have a helicopter tour to southern Tenerife where you will get the opportunity to see the breathtaking coastline and take a good picture from above. You can see a few fishing villages and also see turtles.

7. Low Island

In another flight, you can combine the southern seascape along with the various green parts of the north. You can discover a few fishing villages, luxury hotels as well as golf courses.

While you are on a flight, headphones will be provided so that you can communicate easily with the pilot, who may tell you much interesting information regarding the breathtaking landscapes. Due to his deep knowledge about the island, your journey will be very delightful to your eyes.

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