Do You Know About Radiation Shielding Requirements?

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If you are working in a certain environment where there is regular exposure to X-ray or other harmful radiation, then it is necessary that you must protect yourself by using any x-ray glass or some other type of shielding so that you are not harmed due to such exposure.

External exposure is a kind of radiation that may also come from somewhere outside and can interact with us. Mostly the radiation source is any piece of equipment, which may produce the radiation, such as any radioactive materials or x-ray machine.

How much external radiation exposure will you get will depend upon the distance between the source that is emitting the energy and you. This may also depend upon the total radioactive material amount present or the settings of the machine, and also how much time you are exposed to the radiation.

Generally, in any hospital where any X-ray machines are used then a provision of an x-ray window must be available so that people who are working with such machines, as well as the patients, may remain protected from the exposure. Lead Glass Pro is a supplier of such protection systems against various radiation exposure.

Protection available with lead glasses

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There is also available leaded glass that can offer much superior visual clarity as well as a high light transmission where there will a very little or almost no distortion. They are suitable for many applications and primarily they are used in the medical field.

Lead glass or any lead-lined x-ray glass is able to provide very high-grade protection to protect against x-rays and also gamma rays.

In such an environment, the users need to use leaded windows by using the purest form of lead as a radiation shielding product so that it can be ensured that you can make the best utilization of your space and budget while offering the most effective shielding that is feasible.

People are using optical-grade lead glass that contains 15% barium and 38% lead and that may result in a certain glass of light amber color suitable for installing in the walls, screens, and doors.

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Providing enough shielding from a few different kinds of radiation

Depending upon the radiation that is emitted with certain different energy levels will need different shielding so that proper protection can be obtained. The following are a few of them.

1. Alpha radiation

Alpha ray is consisting of feeble particles, which cannot travel more than a few centimeters, and requires little shielding. The outermost human skin layer is good enough against this alpha radiation.

2. Beta radiation

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Beta particles will travel further as their small mass needs more protection like heavy clothing, thick plastic pieces, wood, or aluminum. It can burn our skin.

3. Gamma radiation

Gamma rays can move far distances and need dense materials e.g., lead for providing effective radiation shielding. They can be biologically hazardous and may also cause bone, tissue, and organ damage.

4. X-ray radiation

These are much stronger and also have a much longer wavelength as compared to other radiation and need thick, dense shielding, e.g., lead.

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