6 Tips For Good Summer AC Operations

Summer is fast approaching, and it seems that every year brings slightly higher temperatures, slightly muggier weather, and slightly more uncomfortable living conditions for both you and your customers. There’s little worse than pressing the button on the AC remote only to find its performance lackluster. It’s at that time that your customers start thinking about where they’ve gone wrong and what they could’ve done differently.

That’s something you can help them with. Part of your job is to advise your customers on how to enhance their air conditioner operations during the hot summer months and how to get the most out of their AC at times when they really need all that cool air. Truth is that exceedingly high summer temperatures can take a toll on even the sturdiest of air conditioners and that your customers need to actively work on offsetting those negative impacts.

How Can My Customers Keep Their Ac In Good Condition?

air conditioner for summer

There’s little more important for your customers than getting the cool air they need during hot temperatures. However, there’s more to securing a steady stream of comfort than just pressing the button and hoping for a miracle. Your customers also need to do their part in ensuring their air conditioner is capable of operating properly.

Chances are they’re not exactly familiar with every trick in the book that could help them improve the operation of their air conditioner. Luckily, they have you to fall back on and it’s your job to be familiar with the most effective methods for keeping an AC in good condition. These are some of the things you should advise them to do.

Cleaning Filters

First and foremost, advise your customers to regularly check and change the filter in their air conditioner. This will enhance the operations of their AC as well as lower the potential for harmful allergens that can cause various respiratory problems for them and their loved ones. If they’re unsure how to clean the filter, they can always hire you for the job.

Closing The Room

Leaving all the doors from a single room open while the AC is on is one of the recipes that lead to reduced efficiency and performance. To boost the operational efficiency of their air conditioner, tell your customers to close the doors and windows of the room they’re currently in and allow the AC to better cool the space they’re using.

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air conditioner for summer

Turning Off The AC

There’s a misconception that it’s better to let the AC run constantly rather than turning it on and off as necessary. Advise your customers that it’s actually better to turn the AC off when they don’t need it and on again when they return home. This will introduce significant energy savings.

Keeping The Rooms Shady

Another great method for improving the operational efficiency of their air conditioner during summer is using blinds and shades in their home to further lower the temperature and allow the AC to reach their desired level of comfort faster and more easily. Allowing all the sunshine in will only work to increase the temperature.

Using Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are one of the best ways to enhance cool air circulation in your customers’ homes. This allows them to better distribute the cool air supplied by their AC throughout their entire property, improving the overall comfort and convenience, as well as improving the efficiency of their air conditioning system.

Ensuring The Necessary Space

Finally, vents need the right amount of space around them to work properly, so advise your customers to make sure they’re not blocking the vents with various items. This way, they’re allowing their AC to reach its full operational potential.

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