According to the Statista, mobile applications are expected to generate massive returns of almost 188.9 billion USD by the year 2020. And it is likely that several app downloads will jump to 258.2 billons by the year 2022 across the globe, which clearly shows that the mobile application development industry and mobile application development companies are growing fast. Businesses can leverage a lot with mobile applications. 

On the other hand, data also reveals that often people uninstall mobile apps (28%) within 30 days of being downloaded or most app users stop using apps within three months after installation. 

It means though mobile apps are intensively installed and used but not every app is appreciated equally by customers because of various reasons. As most of us know, app development is a long haul that involves the realization of ideas into a user-friendly application. Still, it’s essential to avoid these critical mobile application development mistakes.

1. Not Doing Proper Research

As mobile app development requires massive investments, so doing proper market research and planning is imperative before app development.

So before app development follow these steps: 

  • Decide the type of mobile application
  • Test the existing app market
  • Conducting surveys
  • Narrowing down the target audience 
  • Decide the features that will engage app users

In short, once you have done the proper planning, know who your target audience is, it would help the entire app building process that will not only help in maximizing app installations but, in customer retention by deterring uninstalls as well.

Hiring the best application development company can solve this as professional companies are good at doing proper mobile app development planning.    

2. Poor Budgeting

According to different researches conducted on why technological products or startups fail, it was found that budget constraint was the primary reason behind budget failure. As we know,mobile application development requires enormous investment, to build a successful application, a pre-cost estimation can help you a lot in terms of getting fast build. Since app development doesn’t come cheap, it is essential to list down all the key players involved and analyze the estimated number of work hours to determine the cost of app design, development and testing for smooth app completion and to determine where to cut costs.

3. Poor Mobile App UI

As the number of app uploads is increasing rapidly on the App Stores or Play Stores, so a useful app, UI is the key to make a good impression in the app store or google play. An excellent UI app design is a great challenge, and app designers sometimes overlook different aspects of app UI.

Have a look at some of the excellent UI approaches for application development:

  • Unclear app flowchart: Unclear app planning leads to app failure, so it is critical to developing a clear app development flowchart for a successful Android or IOS application development
  • Use HD images: Poor quality images significantly affect user retention because users find them unattractive. 
  • Extra load time: If using animations, make sure it does not take extra load time as in this fast-paced technological world users uninstall apps which take extra load time.  
  • Include UI elements: Use user-friendly UI elements to engage and retain users and increase app downloads; otherwise, the number of apps uninstalls will increase rapidly. 
  • Avoid excessive information: Avoid useless information on the app to make it look appealing. 
  • Avoid inappropriate fonts: Use simple fonts rather than fancy and unreadable fonts.

4.       Skipping Final App Testing

Not testing the final app is another big mistake that leads to app failure. To get a bug-free and scalable app, application testing is imperative. So, before the final app launch or delivering the final build, thoroughly test the app for high performance. For this purpose, testing the app on multiple devices could help render the app ideally in any other device. Also, for delivering top-notch apps in any industry get it tested by a professional app development testing company for scalable results in less time.

5. No Updates & Maintenance

Not paying regular attention to the updates and maintenance is one of the most significant app failure factors. App updates and maintenance are essential for remaining competitive in the app industry, as the number of app uploads is continuously rising in the app store and play store. App developers and app development agencies are aware of the fact that the application development process doesn’t end with the final app launch. For attracting and retaining more users; constant updates, bug fixing, maintenance, and adding new features is imperative. 

Concluding Note

Mobile app development mistakes can become daunting barriers in the way to the overall mobile application success. Take a hint from the mistakes stated above in this blog and make sure to avoid these critical mistakes before, during and after the mobile app development process. 

Successful mobile application development is all about engaging and retaining users in a way that can help you grow your business and get higher Return on Investment (ROI). Therefore, pay attention to aspects such as proper planning, market research and need identification, requirement analysis and budget estimation, customer validation, final app testing, app launch, etc. And conduct an in-depth customer survey to get customer feedback to help reach new heights of success fast.  

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