4 Tips for Maintaining Your Outdoor Cushions

Maintaining Your Outdoor Cushions

Adding furniture to your lush garden or patio can instantly perfect its look. The first step to extending the lifespan of your outdoor furniture involves acquiring high-quality products. Most of them are designed with quick-dry foam and sunbrella fabric which has the ability to withstand constant wear and tear. This minimizes the need to replace or repair them often. Outdoor cushions come in different shapes, colors, and styles that suit each customers’ needs and budget. It should be noted that the routine maintenance procedures for cushions are quite different from other types of outdoor furniture. These tips will go a long way in keeping your outdoor cushions in good condition.

Clean regularly

The best outdoor cushions are usually made from weather-resistant materials and can still offer comfort year after year. Outdoor and indoor furniture tends to accumulate dirt and debris over time. It’s imperative to wash them regularly with mild soap and water in order to eliminate microorganisms like bacteria. A garden hose can come in handy as you carry out the procedure. Some homeowners prefer hand washing their outdoor fabrics to using washing machines because cleaning them is really easy. Allow your cushions to air dry completely to avoid mildew formation.

Protect from rainfall and sunlight

Maintaining Your Outdoor Cushions

Even if you purchase furniture from reputable stores, constant exposure to different elements can have an adverse effect on them. Staying up to date with weather reports will enable you to keep your outdoor cushions safe whether you’re around or not. You can get covers or place them in a safe place before it starts raining. In addition, try to position them in a way that won’t allow water to pool on their surfaces. Always remember to wipe off any excess water when the rain stops.

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Get rid of stains instantly

Stains and spills are inevitable, especially if you’re raising kids or have pets. Cleaning drinks, pet urine or sunscreen immediately will prevent them from setting in or promoting the growth of mold and mildew. Dip a damp cloth in a mixture of soap and water to clean the affected areas and rinse off with water. Several homeowners use bleach or natural cleaning agent such as white vinegar to eliminate tough stains. Endeavor to wear gloves and protective eye goggles if you’re spraying with bleach solution. All cleaning agents should be washed away with enough water.

Store during the winter season

Maintaining Your Outdoor Cushions

It goes without saying that you won’t need your outdoor cushions and other upholstery once winter is around the corner. Many people love spending more time indoors because of the cold. Ensure that your cushions are clean and in good condition before storing them in a shed, basement, or garage. In case you discover that they require repair, don’t hesitate to fix the issue or invite an expert in your area. This will help to protect them from bug infestation or further damages. Use storage bags with vents instead of plastic wraps that rarely facilitate air circulation around cushions.

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